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7 ways businesses can survive the 21-day lockdown by shifting online

7 ways businesses can survive the 21-day lockdown by shifting online

The sudden arrival of the recent Coronavirus pandemic has brought our usual way of life to an unexpected stop; social distancing has been implemented by governments worldwide and the majority of local public facilities and businesses everywhere have been forced to close to protect the health of the population. This sudden disturbance to the status quo will pose numerous obstacles for businesses in every sector in the coming months, and with human interaction so heavily reduced for an unforeseeable amount of time, businesses will need to adapt to the new conditions imposed in order to continue and thrive in such a limited new landscape.

Having a well-managed web presence is the perfect solution to bridge the gap of communication with your customers during these isolated times. Technology and the internet have enabled us to stay connected despite the quarantine imposed upon us; you can use this connection to your advantage and even grow your business in such conditions. Here a just a few of the ways your business can survive the lockdown period by simply shifting online:

A web presence is a tool available right now which is able to support your business and adapt to any challenges that may be imposed in the near future

1) You can still reach your clients in a healthy way during the lockdown

Communication is a key part of growing and maintaining all types of businesses. Being able to reach your clients and customers is imperative to keep momentum in your operations and drive your business forward. By moving online, you open up new lines of communication with your clients which are safe, reliable and most importantly – healthy. Adapting your business to include an online presence will help you to navigate the obstacles of the lockdown, but also help to support the health of your local community simultaneously by adhering to social distancing measures.

2) Technology helps to keep you connected

Our way of life has drastically changed in a very short frame of time. The consequences of the infection taking hold, have unfolded rapidly and caught everybody off guard; No business would be fully prepared for such instant and drastic changes imposed on their operations. How long social distancing will last is still unknown, you can keep your business functioning and expand your reach all from a position of isolation if necessary, allowing you and your customers to stay healthy and safe.

3) Full scope of potential customers

Shifting your business online not only helps you to keep your relationship with your existing customers, but also exposes your business to the wider world. Your customer base is immediately expanded to all corners of the globe when you access the online market, and for the time being, it is now the only viable arena in which to conduct business, due to the requirements of social distancing. It’s a huge market of untapped potential just waiting for you to access it.

4) 24hr access

One of the great aspects of having a business online is being able to interact with your customers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You can tailor the interactivity you have with your customers through Q&A pages, live interactive chat features and an email system. Also, you can send updates and information to your clients instantly through social media keeping them informed of changes you have had to make to the business, changes in operating hours or alterations to parts of the business affected by the restrictions, such as delivery services and lead times. Make sure you have a reliable website hosting company at your back.

5) Networking potential

Having such a powerful communication tool at your disposable not only allows you to keep in touch with your customers, but also makes your business visible and accessible to the entire online market, word of mouth is no longer the only passive form of marketing available to you. Just like “word of mouth” marketing; good reviews and recommendations are priceless online and are arguably the primary force which propels businesses utilising the internet in this way. If you have a well-functioning website and a healthy number of good reviews, this alone can elevate the impression of your brand and inspire confidence in your business for someone who is discovering you for the first time – a well-designed website can sell and promote your businesses and services for you.

6) Advertising

Getting the word out about your business is key for its continued development, the more people you reach the larger your potential business pool. The internet has brought the entire world together in one place where you can reach target audiences, locally, nationally and internationally. You can reach out to potential customers everywhere in the world simultaneously – The sky really is the limit.

7) Limitless adaptation possibilities

The internet is the best tool we have for adaptation in these circumstances. You can promote and improve all aspects of your business in whichever way works for you; merchants can apply useful popups to their online stores for upselling following trends, consultants can add webinars to their services allowing them to continue to present to people whilst adhering to any social distancing protocol. Times are still very uncertain and the parameters of our behaviour has been curbed for an unknown amount of time; a web presence is a tool available right now which is able to support your business and adapt to any challenges that may be imposed in the near future, allowing you to continue to grow your business in spite of the obstacles caused by the pandemic.

The adaptability of mankind has proven itself, over our history to be an incredible force for our survival. We have faced the unknown with fear and uncertainty, and we have always found ways to persevere, to power through and get back up and carry on. In more modern times, we have never faced such restrictions to our behaviours. The sudden loss of liberty due to a hostile environment will force us to operate differently, think differently and act differently in order to continue. Our priorities have all shifted unexpectedly and as we all focus on improving the health of society, we will all need to rely on and use technology in innovative new ways, in order to function and thrive in these strange new times.