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8 reasons why your website is now officially your #1 sales agent in these perilous times.

8 reasons why your website is now officially your #1 sales agent in these perilous times.

The recent arrival of the global pandemic known as COVID-19 has impacted our society with conditions that haven’t been seen for generations.  The hostile infection is forcing societies around the world to change their everyday behaviour, in order to curb the devastating effects of the disease on the population.

Schools are closing around the world, public facilities have been shut and everyone, everywhere have been advised to practise social distancing in order to fight the infection rate and save lives by protecting the most vulnerable in our societies. People are going to have to adapt all parts of their lives to carry on in times of such unprecedented change and uncertainty, and one of the most important sectors to fortify is business.

Adapting to accommodate these new restrictions placed upon us for our health, is the only way businesses will be able to survive. However, with the public requested to stay in their homes and stay away from public places, the removal of such interaction poses numerous issues, how do you generate new and repeat business if your store is forced to close, or have had vital meetings postponed due to social distancing?  Promoting new sales and generating face to face business have effectively been halted due to these necessary restrictions on our movements, but this doesn’t have to mean you have to be cut off from your clients all together; Here are 8 reasons why your website is now officially your number 1 sales agent in these perilous times:

No social distancing restrictions online:

A well designed and managed website is able to promote your business and services to your clients without violating any isolation guidelines. Your web presence is able promote your services to your clients and even take use of upselling devices such as pop-ups and provide information on other services or products that could complement their needs. A web presence is a vital component to modern business, and now is the perfect time to make this work for you. Aura Host has some great website design packages that are perfect whether  your a startup or established business.

Playing by the rule

Moving operations to your website allows you to continue to operate your business in a way that is healthy for you, your business and your clients. You can still communicate and arrange your work from a safe and healthy distance through an internet connection – enabling you to grow your business and adhere to all social restrictions.

Extended access

You can reach people in their homes at any time that suits you and your clients. A website makes the information needed by your customers readily available to access at their leisure.   Well placed advertising is proven to yield results, for instance tailoring the time you send out social media posts can give you a lot of access to potential new clients. Having an online presence allows potential customers from all over the world to access your services – the scope for growth online is exponential. Also, with the help of popup chats it makes connecting with your potential clients even easier.

Always at your fingertips

Access to information required by current clients and potential new ones is constantly and reliably available at your domain. Streamlining your business through your web presence gives your customer a place to find you easily and provides them with a way to interact with you whilst movements are under such unprecedented restrictions.

Perfect timing

You can reach your customers and clients at any time and send them information instantaneously through online messaging.  You can alter your operating hours to suit the new needs of your business.

Additional features that work for you

Generate a passive income by incorporating adverts to your website, can be a welcome bonus in times of such uncertainty. The more rich and engaging content you are able to post to your website, the more your customers will be encouraged to interact with your page, giving you the opportunity to promote your business to them and upsell your services in a passive and natural way through the post content, whilst monetizing the virtual traffic on your website as an additional bonus. Make sure you have a good web hosting company to help you with all your questions

It’s actually a good thing to go viral online…

Social media is a huge, new arena for business in the technological age.  Advertising, blogging, vlogging and posting on popular sites such as twitter and Instagram can all be arranged by and linked back to your web presence, if your post generates enough interest people will share this to their contacts, extending your advertising reach even further.

Future proof your business

Even before the pandemic restricted our movements to such skeletal levels, more and more businesses were including an online format as an additional platform to their current operations. Integrating an online presence with your business can expand your potential by providing you with the ability to reach your market on a global scale. Even before the pandemic struck, a well-managed website was becoming ever more essential to staying visible to potential new clients; People will check online for recommendations and reviews – use their curiosity to your advantage and showcase what you can do.

The experts cannot predict exactly just how long the pandemic restrictions will have to extend. Viral research is revealing new information daily about how COVID-19 operates, but thus far there has been no discoveries that could indicate an end to the pandemic, and to the restrictions which affect us all, personally and professionally.  The only thing we can do to help in this crisis, is to support the people on the frontline working in healthcare, is to adhere to government guidelines by isolating to fight this aggressive infection.

Allow your online presence to provide a source of support for your business by acting as a conduit for its continuance until life can return to the status quo. Keeping clear lines of communication with your customers and creating a virtual base for your operations can support you during this undetermined period of social isolation but can also continue to work for you when the pandemic restrictions are lifted. Securing an online presence will bolster your business during this period of uncertainty and simultaneously put you in the best position to adapt to whichever conditions we are faced with, when we are finally free of this horrific affliction.