How To Choose A Web Hosting Package

 How To Choose A Web Hosting Package

You’ve come this far, which means you are now looking to find the right web hosting package for your business needs. But how do you choose the right web hosting package? Ask yourself this, and be honest; how large is your current prosumer base? How much handholding are you going to need? How quickly do you expect your business to grow now that you have taken steps to grow your online presence?

“Great hosting boils down to the 3 S’s: speed, support and security,” said Adam Berry, digital director at Wingard Creative.

Well, depending on the scale of your website and how much you want your business to be able to grow, this article should help you narrow down which web hosting package is right for you. We have broken down our web hosting packages to not only help you decide which package would work for you now, but to make it simple to upgrade your package as your business grows.

What is Shared Web Hosting and why it would work for you?

A Shared Web Hosting account is the most common and cost-effective type of Website Hosting. It is when your website or websites are located on the same server as a lot of other websites.
This does not affect the security of your site because of the Cloud Linux system we use. This system essentially puts your website into its own cage, protecting your site if any of the other sites on the server are more vulnerable. Cloud Linux also allows us the split the resources up, such as CPU power, RAM allowance, EP points and a lot more. This means that other clients on the server can never get greedy with the resources that can result in your site to slow down and not load properly. Here at Aura Host we like to be generous and honest with our resources.

With every package you will also receive a free SSL certificate (AutoSSL)which will protect your customers when they are using your site.

There is one achilles heel to shared hosting though, and that would be the shared IP. There runs a risk that if one client on the same IP for example has their WordPress

Therefore, if you are a marketing company that is hosting or designing other sites we recommend using a Resellers Web Hosting (backlink to other blog).

For beginners Shared Web Hosting with its ease of setup and affordability is the best option.

Step 1: Figure out your current and future web hosting needs

Firstly, ask yourself- How many email accounts do you need? What storage capacity(backlink to CPU/RAM thing) do you require? Do you require website building capabilities on WordPress or other Content Management Systems(backlink)? What are your speed of site requirements(backlink to google analytics page)?

Let’s say you are a small business that currently has 3 emails linked to your single page website. You’re wanting to grow your website; in terms of traffic to the site, the sales that traffic will generate and the amount of employees you will need in order to deal with the higher volume.
If you go for the Bronze Web Hosting Package, you will have enough for what you are currently required to run; however you will not have website building capacity or the storage required to deal with the increased traffic.
Therefore if you are at this stage of your business development, we would suggest go for the Silver Web Hosting Package, as it gives you the capabilities to grow your business without slowing down your website or production capacities.

If you do not currently have website building capacities, you will need to go with either a Gold or Platinum web sharing package, as these packages include the software that you need. There is more support offered.

The speed of your website is important- not just for your customers but for your Search Engine Optimisation (backlink). The more traffic you have on your site, the slower your site will perform. So even if you have a single page site, if you have a lot of plugins on this webpage, you will need a Shared Web Hosting Package that has more storage.
Therefore if you do not have enough storage capacity on your package, your customers will get frustrated at the site being slow and you will not gain traction in moving your site to the front pages of Search Engines.

Step 2: Consider your budget
You want to get started on growing your business, but you don’t currently have the budget to make all your amazing ideas come to fruition. Well, we have a solution for that. Our Gold and Platinum Shared Hosting Packages can be paid off monthly. So if you are looking to build websites that will generate a large amount of traffic, have a great SEO recognition, is protected from spam, is truly secure for you and your customers to use and has the potential for exponential growth we would recommend using a Gold or Platinum Shared Website Hosting Package.