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5 steps to getting your business online in South Africa

In these pandemic times of social distancing and indefinite lockdown, there is only one way up for most businesses on planet Earth: online. Bricks-and-mortar are no longer safe havens for entrepreneurial ventures, big or small. Now you need to take your business to a new level: straight into the cosy confines of your potential customer’s own home.

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Do I need to move hosting? An easy guide

Not all relationships are built to last and sometimes a change can do you the world of good.

Your relationship with your web host might be in need of a clean sweep when you ask: “Do I need to move hosting?”

Perhaps you are not getting the level of customer service you need or haven’t noticed a significant-enough uptake of business since your ‘bells-and-whistles’ site was launched.

Maybe you don’t have enough space or bandwidth through your host. Or your website is running slow due to a shared server being overloaded or a web host oversharing its resources. Maybe your live development time is too slow.

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