IP Blacklisted -

One of our IP's has been black listed due to a WordPress site being hacked and exploited. 

The site has now been updated and the request to de-blacklist the IP has been submitted. This can take 1-24 hours to fully do. During that time you may receive bounce back emails.

23rd Sept 2020
LiteSpeed Disabled

Due to a lack of interest and support for LiteSpeed, We have switched back to Apache. For other caching options please open a support ticket. 

3rd Aug 2020
IP has been blacklisted

We are aware that the IP has been black listed. This due to a clients email account being hacked and spam being sent out.

The hack was a successful brute force attack, To ensure this does not happen to you. Please use strong passwords.

The de-listing of the IP on the spam houses can take up to 12 hours.

31st Jul 2020
Upgrade to PHP 7.3 before 31 August 2020

Good day, Upgrade to PHP 7.2 before 31st August 2020 Due to the lack of security support for previous PHP versions, we will no longer support these versions on our hosting platform after 31st August 2020 If your website is still making use of these outdated PHP versions, it will automatically be upgraded to PHP 7.2. We recommend that you take ... Read More »

21st Jul 2020
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