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How to choose a good domain name

Choosing the right domain name for your idea or business can be tricky, especially when you do not know all the criteria, so don’t. Just follow these basic tips if you don’t simply want to do a domain transfer of you existing domain.

For the record and technical points;

  • Domain =
  • URL = https://


Do I need a or .com? If your target market is South Africa and only South Africa, grab your self a, and also grab your self the .com as well. Making the primary domain a will show clients instantly that you’re a South African based business. Having the .com as well picks up the stranglers and mistakes while ensuring your national or international competition cant nab it up.


Keywords and SEO? It is always a good idea to get your keywords into your domain name, especially near the start. Google will probably give you a few extra brownie points for that one.


Keep It short and sweet. Don’t make it too long, or else it gets confusing, and becomes annoying.


Make it memorable, by making it easy to say and spell. Try not to include words that are often misspelt or tricky to spell.


Stay away from those pesky special characters. “Is the hyphon the one in the middle or bottom?”

Common domain name questions and features

There are two parts to a website, the hosting package and the domain name. The domain name is the address for the website, but what else can be done with it?

Depending on your hosting package, you can add more than one domain name to you account, You can have it either as an addon domain or alias. You might be interested in our reseller hosting packages too.

An addon domain is a fully functional domain that can be created from within your control panel. … An addon domain created in cPanel will only function if the domain is registered and pointed to the server via nameservers or an A record.


The Alias Domain feature of cPanel allows your website to load from another domain. When a user enters the Alias Domain or Parked Domain to access the website, the cPanel automatically redirects them to your main domain and load the main website.

A sub domain is ideal for development work, creating sub websites on you hosting package. A sub domain for example looks like this

A subdomain is a subsection of your website that sometimes exists as a subdirectory of your public_html (document root) directory or your account’s home directory. Subdomains use a prefix in conjunction with the domain name.


After you create a sub domain you can create email address for it, for example

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