Don’t Settle: Choose the Best Reseller Web Hosting Service

Don’t Settle: Choose the Best Reseller Web Hosting Service

As a web designer, you want to find extra streams of income to be able to handle the slow seasons of business.

Getting a reseller web host account allows you to expand your business, diversify your income, and offer a complete web solution to your clients.

There are countless web hosts with reseller programs. How can you choose the best reseller web hosting plan for your web design company?

Keep reading to find out.

1. Complete Web Host Offerings

When you start to look for a reseller web hosting plan, you want to evaluate all of the features of a web host.

For example, a web site host that supports a wide array of programming languages will make it easy for you to support your clients.

You’ll also want to make sure that you can scale your business easily. A host that offers unlimited CPanel accounts, emails, and databases will allow you to increase your business without having to switch plan or hosts.

A reseller web hosting plan should be able to give you everything you need under one umbrella, from domain name purchase to reliable hosting.

2. SSD Hosting

What is SSD hosting? It stands for Solid State Drive. An SSD is a major technological advancement in the way data is stored.

Take your computer as an example. Your computer has a hard drive, which is where all of your files and important documents are stored. Most hard drives in use today use electromagnetic disks to copy and write data to the hard drive. When you open up that file, the disk spins and

With an SSD drive, it works electronically, making the copy and write speeds at least twice as fast as a traditional hard drive.

Web host servers work the same way. Where SSD makes a major difference is in how the data is stored and recalled when someone visits a website. You want to have a web host that invested in SSD technology.

3. Education & Training

What kind of education and training does a reseller host offer? The answer to this question will often be the difference maker.

Few website hosting companies offer comprehensive education and training to their resellers. A top reseller will go above and beyond to make sure that you and your clients are happy with your web hosting plan.

They’ll go out of their way to educate you and provide the necessary resources to ensure that you get the most out of your reseller package.

4. Easy Client Migration

Migrating clients from one host to another can open up a wide range of issues. There could be technical issues, compatibility issues, not to mention a potential drop in search rankings.

Any type of downtime can be detrimental to your client’s business, so you want to make sure that when they move their website is moved to your reseller program, the impact is minimal.

You may not have the technical skills to migrate a website yourself, so you’ll want to have a team of pros at your service who can. Your team should be able to migrate your client’s website without you having t worry about it.

5. Technical Support

Anything is possible and probable when it comes to technology. There may be email issues, or any sort of issues with the website.

Your website reseller needs to have reliable and knowledgeable support staff that can solve the issue.

Some hosts will offer 24/7 service, but during off hours, those support tickets don’t always go to technical experts. They’ll go to customer service reps without the technical knowledge to address your concerns.

6. Assistance Growing Your Business

There are a lot of hosting companies that will sell you a reseller plan and then let you do the hard work of figuring out how to package, price, and sell it.

You’ll want to look for the website hosting company that will give you the education and resources to be a successful reseller.

When you evaluate hosting companies, make sure that you’re going to have the support and coaching to be able to have a profitable stream of income.

7. Reliability

Of course, you’re selling website hosting to your clients, which means that the offering has to be reliable. What you sell to your clients is really a reflection of your business and your brand.

If you choose a web host that’s unreliable, that will reflect poorly on your business and your brand.  Customers that have a poor experience with a company will avoid that company for two years before they consider returning.

In other words, you can’t afford to give your clients a bad hosting experience. It can cost them and you a lot of business.

With your web hosting plan, you should be able to see what the network status is and ensure that they are reliable.

Choose the Right Reseller Web Hosting Plan

When it comes to finding a reseller web hosting plan, not all companies are created the same. You’ll find that some hosting companies will sell you the hosting plan leaving you to figure out how to sell it and support your clients.

Other companies will treat your design company like a partner. They’ll have a complete web hosting offering and guide you through the steps of creating a package to provide the best service to your clients as possible. That’s an ideal reseller web host.

Are you ready to sign up for a website reseller plan for your web design company? Contact us for a quote today.